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"I would highly recommend EZ Payroll & Staffing to any Company looking to control their costs, manage their risks, and meet demanding staffing requirements. "

- President, Production Facility

About Us

We Get It!

Regardless what your products or services, regardless the professional or technical talent you want and regardless your company’s size or location(s), we’re EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions and we get it that our job is to understand exactly the Program you want and put it to work for your organization.
“Did you just say you’ve got to have 25 English-Speaking Assembly Workers starting 2nd Shift tonight for an estimated 3 to 5 day assignment?”  “Hello?  Yes sir, you need an excellent, certified Mig Welder with outstanding layout, uphill stick welding skills and his own equipment that can pass a 50 State Criminal Background Investigation and Drug Test?  And can be at your worksite for a welding test at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning?”  “Yes, m’am, I did understand correctly.  Your boss just told you to fill a rush order for a new client and you’ve got to find three reliable CDL Drivers right now with clean 60 month MVR’s to haul blocks of ice every night for you over to California and back all summer long?”  “Yes, sir!  You’re the City Manager and you need an experienced 12-person Landscaping Crew to report for work this coming Monday morning at 5:30 a.m. to your Parks and Recreation Department Manager?”  “Yes, we can.  An Administrative Assistant ASAP for your downtown law office?  And one with a minimum five years experience working in a law office?”   We get it!  Whatever your urgent staffing needs, we’ve got the Solution.  To find out how, just call us at your EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions Center location and we’ll solve your staffing problem, too!
But, here’s your situation: You’re the CFO for your company and just got the worst news at the worst time. After ten years working together, your pillar of support, your Manufacturing Controller just gave her notice!  You’re in a dilemma.  You can’t function without her but where will you ever find someone like her?  The replacement can’t simply be a great accountant; he or she has to be the RIGHT accountant in so many important ways!  There’s absolutely no time in your schedule for an in-house campaign to replace her, so what to do?!  Here’s why you want to call EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions.  We get it that you’re looking for THE solution to a thorny problem.  The solution can’t require lots of your time, but the solution that’s still got to be cost-effective and results in getting THE Manufacturing Controller you and your colleagues want and need.
Here’s what we do for you.  After listening to you, after visiting your worksite, after understanding ALL the requirements and expectations you have for the Manufacturing Controller, the requirements not found in job descriptions, then we understand who you really want.  We locate, qualify and submit the right candidates’ resumes, arranging your interviews with those selected and you just picked your next long-term Manufacturing Controller.  And while he/she isn’t perfect in every way, they’re perfect for you!  What’s more, you’ll find we successfully place the Controller in less time than you expected, and for a fee you’ll agree is an amazing value for a directly-placed-to-order professional.  But, what if we’ve placed a mismatch?  After all, we’re dealing with human beings.  No worries; your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We do get it, don’t we? 


Make Your Life Easier

EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions provides our clients even more Employee Solutions.  Wouldn’t it be a great relief to outsource payroll and all its hassles with total confidence to a team of professionals that respect your trust and business and protect your credibility as employer and your employees’ livelihood with reliable, accurate and affordable payroll services?  Well, EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions' Payroll Solution delivers relief for many clients every pay period with our professionally-administered and affordable payroll service.  EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions also provides and administers Employee Health Benefits Solutions with the same professional expertise, dedication and competitive rates.  We get it that our role is consulting with our clients and working together to find the right mix of EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions for their budget and peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

How would you feel in your gut, right now, today, if OSHA suddenly dropped in on you totally unexpected?  Who knows why?  Fact is, they’re here and they’re going to thoroughly inspect your workplace compliance. Your gut reaction is that you’re either not worried at all, you’re worried sick, or you’re not really sure how worried you are.  If you’ve already called EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions and we’re staffing your facility, you’re not worried at all.  Why?  Because, when we begin staffing your operation, EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions' Risk and Safety Manager schedules a tour with you and/or your Safety Manager.  He tours your facility with you, listening, observing and asking questions, talking with you, your managers and your employees.  An hour later, our Risk & Safety Manager is saying good-bye and thanking you and your staff for your valuable time and information.  He also promises that you’ll be getting something from him soon! 
Afterwards, after sifting through and analyzing all the information he gathered during his visit through your plant, EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions' Risk & Safety Manager tailors, assembles and delivers your Workplace Safety Program, made to order.  Additionally, when clients request it or need a little help in setting up this program so critical to the client’s organization in real terms like cost-savings, building employee morale and increasing productivity through fewer lost time accidents, EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions' Risk and Safety Manager will even help “Train your Safety Trainer”, demonstrating his techniques by delivering a priority worker safety training topic to your workers and our temps together!  Contact us and together we’ll discuss how designing a program with one, two or any combination of EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions' Seven Employee Solutions would be best tailored for you and your organization.       

Question: Why Pay More?

Here’s another of our Employee Solutions: EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions multiplies our clients’ buying power by offering their employees inclusion in the rich features and attractive pricing of our EZ Payroll Employee Health Benefits Co-Op.  EZ Payroll combines the buying power of many participating employees from our numerous client companies representing a wide range of industries.  By leveraging everyone together we create our “strength in numbers”, negotiating better health coverage and lower premiums for our clients’ employees.  Here’s the “bottom line” question: Why are you paying retail for your Staffing, Risk Management, Payroll, Employee Benefits and HR Services when you could be getting them at wholesale?  Yes, we get it.  And so will you when you see all the positive results in your business from your EZ Payroll & Staffing Solutions Program.

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